The Student Agency Improvement Community (SAIC)

The Student Agency Improvement Community (SAIC) is a nationally networked improvement community supported by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and dedicated to equipping students to persist in the face of rigorous learning challenges. SAIC brings together research on the non-cognitive factors that affect learning (such as persistence, self-control, grit, etc.) with the discipline of improvement science methods to design classroom experiences that have value to students and promote productive academic mindsets and support students in developing the learning strategies they need to succeed. The Community helps students to:

The leaders of the SAIC include the most prominent experts on student agency in the nation such David Yeager and Chris Hulleman. Paired with these experts are the organizations participating in the Community which include Schools That Lead, Harrisonburg City Schools (VA), Summit Public Schools (CA), the New York City Department of Education, and a growing number of community colleges known as the Productive Persistence Network. The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching serves as the “central hub” for this improvement community by providing a common theoretical framework and measures, as well as analytics and network support. Carnegie also supports the integration of improvement science into this project.