Reflecting On My First Year In the Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI)

TLI Cohort Two

"I'm learning that I actually like being a leader, but not to the point that I want to become an administrator. I like being in a position to help others whether it's an adult or a child. I like seeing others become successful."
Nichelle Johnson - Jones (Albert H.) Elementary School

"Using Student Learning Questions with my peers on my team has enabled us to gather data on our students, to reflect more so on the students' learning rather than their behavior, and has allowed us to share techniques/strategies with each other that have been successful in our classrooms. Student Learning Questions have redirected our PLC (grade level). They are no longer venting sessions, but have become more productive and are geared toward a solution rather than fixed on a problem."

"The student learning questions have been a gift. They have provided another lens and a focus for teachers to reflect on what is going on in their classrooms."
Valerie Morano - Christiana High School

"I have not reflected on how or where I am as a teacher leader for a few years - out of sight, out of mind. These sessions have helped remind me of 1. the importance of self-reflection and 2. the importance of not giving in and being ok with stagnant ways of being. Instead I want to challenge myself to grow as a leader and be the best teacher/colleague I can be."

"I am extremely grateful and excited about my new levels of learning. It is timely for our community and for my professional growth. I cannot wait to use the tools that I have learned here."
Denise Robinson - Douglass School

"The most valuable aspect of learning in TLI is having the opportunity to explore the dimensions of leadership and the depths of powerful learning. It takes 'time' to talk, experience, share, and reflect on ourselves and others. I'm thankful for the opportunity and safe enviroment that we have to do this."